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Wheel Horse Belts

wheel horse belts

    wheel horse
  • a draft horse harnessed behind others and nearest the wheels of a vehicle

  • An intimate friend, one's right hand man.

  • A responsible and hardworking person, esp. an experienced and conscientious member of a political party

  • A horse harnessed nearest the wheels of a vehicle

  • Wheel Horse was a manufacturer of outdoor and garden power equipment, including lawn and garden tractors. The company's headquarters were in South Bend, Indiana.

  • A strip of leather or other material worn around the waist or across the chest, esp. in order to support clothes or carry weapons

  • belt out: sing loudly and forcefully

  • (belt) endless loop of flexible material between two rotating shafts or pulleys

  • A belt of a specified color, marking the attainment of a particular level in judo, karate, or similar sports

  • (belt) a band to tie or buckle around the body (usually at the waist)

  • A belt worn as a sign of rank or achievement

wheel horse belts - Marware Sidewinder

Marware Sidewinder Spectra Case for iPod nano 2G (Black)

Marware Sidewinder Spectra Case for iPod nano 2G (Black)

This hard, plastic case features a bulit-in, pop-out drawer for winding your earphones when not in use. It gives you full access to all jacks, ports and the hold button while keeping your nano safe inside. Features the Multidapt® clip system for added functionality.

Protect your iPod nano 2G from dents and scratches with the Marware Sidewinder Spectra intelligent hard case. The Sidewinder Spectra boasts a transparent hard-plastic face that simultaneously showcases and protects your investment, along with a black slide-out cord wrap that resolves the question of where to store your ear buds. The tapered click wheel opening, meanwhile, won't tear up your hand as you search for songs. Other details include full access to the nano's hold switch and headphone port, a removable dock connector cover, and an optional low-profile belt clip. Listen to your iPod nano in full confidence while on the move with the Sidewinder Spectra.

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Confederate Fighter

Confederate Fighter

ENGINE: Radial twin / 120 cubic inches
POWER: Rear wheel torque - 135 ft lbs | Rear wheel horse power - 160
DIMENSIONS: Wheel Base: 64 inches; Seat Height: 27 inches; Rake: 30 degrees; Trail: 4 inche; Weight: 460 lbs; Fuel: 4 gallons; Oil: 4.5 quarts
CHASSIS: CM design triple load path 6061 aircraft grade aluminum monocoque backbone, bulkhead, fuselage side plate construction; oil/fuel in frame
SWINGARM: CM design 6061 aircraft grade aluminum
FRONT END: CM design double wishbone machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum linked to aerodynamic dual lightweight tubular wing blades
PRIMARY: CM design; machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum; belt drive
TRANSMISSION: CM design vertical close ratio 5 speed
SUSPENSION: Race tech; low/high speed compression and rebound adjustable
BRAKES: Brembo high output race derived 4 piston technology; radial pumps; carbon, ceramic, aluminum matrix lightweight discs
WHEELS: CM design carbon fiber; Front: 19” x 3” Rear: 18” x 8”
GAUGES: Precision integrated analogue meter; warning, speed, RPM
IDENTIFICATION: Limited edition; each example is one of 120; fuselage, bulkhead, engine VIN

Kirby "The Ultimate G-Series (Diamond Edition)" vacuum cleaner; the work horse of almost all vacuums!

Kirby "The Ultimate G-Series (Diamond Edition)" vacuum cleaner; the work horse of almost all vacuums!

These vacuums are built to last (approx. 30-50yrs.) and do an AWSOME job cleaning your carpets, sucking 100% of the dirt into the bag(s) of the Kirby vacuum(s)! Kirbys (like the one pictured above, THE VACUUM ONLY) and other generation series feature the TechDrive Power Assist transmission (only takes a 1-3lbs. to push the system) for people with back problems. The Kirby Vacuums are the best of the best vacuums out there because they are extremely powerful, durable, reliable and have great filteration (Micron Magic HEPA Filteration). They are almost impossible to clog (Suction/fill tubing measures approx. 2" to 2 1/2" diameter)! Sorry, I do not sell Kirby vacuums, I use one of them instead (Used to be a G3 with a Kirby Ultimate G Diamond Edition outer bag, and now I use a Kirby Gsix {G6} 2001 Edition).

wheel horse belts

wheel horse belts

Marware Sidewinder Case for iPod nano 3G (Clear)

The Sidewinder for iPod nano 3G is a clear plastic case that provides full armored protection. The case features a slide-out cord management arm that conveniently stows headphones, or slides in to create a slim-profile iPod carrying case.

The Marware Sidewinder for the third-generation iPod nano is an intelligent hard case featuring a slide-out headphone cord wrap and removable dock connector cover. A clear front face allows you to show off and protect your player at the same time. Store your case with the headphones wrapped to the side, or carry your iPod discreetly around town. Note that the adhesive base is permanent once attached.
What's in the Box:
Sidewinder, removable dock connector cover, and adhesive base.

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