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Asleep At The Wheel Tickets

asleep at the wheel tickets

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    at the
  • TKE (Terminology and Knowledge Engineering) Conference in Dublin, my esteemed colleagues, Hanne Erdman Thomsen, Sue Ellen Wright, Gerhard Budin and Loic Depecker will devote a workshop to ‘Accommodating User Needs for ISO 704: Towards a New Revision of the Core International Standard on

  • Cafe-Concert: The Song of the Dog, 1875-1877

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asleep at the wheel tickets - 400 Label

400 Label Outfitters® Pre Numbered Laser or Ink Jet Printable Raffle, Event, or other Tickets with Numbered Stub, White

400 Label Outfitters® Pre Numbered Laser or Ink Jet Printable Raffle, Event, or other Tickets with Numbered Stub, White

50 Sheets of White, Pre Numbered Laser or Ink Jet Tickets with Numbered Stub. 8 Tickets per sheet, 400 Tickets per package. * We will not ship duplicates in the same color unless you ask for them. 8-1/2" x 11" sheets can be Laser or InkJet Printed, then separated into individual tickets, each with a numbered ticket, and numbered stub. We can provide specific numbers, but specific numbers may require 5-7 days to produce. These tickets are made of 50# cover stock, and each ticket is 2-1/8" x 5-1/2", with a 1-7/8" Stub. Consider the margins on your printer when deciding on a layout--the tickets go all the way to the edge of an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet.

84% (6)

* We got a cab at Chiayi. It was complete luck. Because of the landslide, they closed down a section of the Alishan Highway beginning at three every afternoon. Dorie and I knew this from the day before. We came thinking we'd be able to just buy bus tickets in the middle of the afternoon but found out that the last one left at two. And even then, it had been sold out by noon. We stayed the night at a hotel down the street and waited for tomorrow morning.

We planned to wake up at eight, but that didn't happen. By the time, we got to the ticketing window, it was sold out again. Just our luck. I didn't mind staying another day and another night in Chiayi, but it wasn't what we had in mind. The city was dirty. It was the best and worst of Mong Kok in Hong Kong. I would have stayed anywhere she was.

Seeing the frustration on our faces, especially mine, an old auntie approached us and asked if we were interested in buying tickets for a cab that would take us up the mountain. She was a veritable street business woman with a fanny pack, a dark vest, running shoes, and bronze skin gained from spending hours in front of the ticketing window hawking down stranded people like us.

My Mandarin would never make it with her so I stood to the side as Dorie and her arranged a deal. It was a good one. She always got the good ones. We'd also realize that woman worked for the hotel in Alishan that we were interested in and gave us a hefty discount. Just our luck. Likely hers too. The cab would be arriving soon.

We waited at a bench outside the restaurant that was apart of the train station. The bus area and ticketing window were a few meters away. We watched the human traffic come and go, waving in droves between buses, scooters, mini-vans and cars. There were only two of us, and the auntie needed to find another passenger to fill the extra seat. Cab holds five and it was an hour and a half trip. This one was the last for the day before the roads shut down. We watched her weave back and forth looking for another person to fill the extra seat up front. Not many people were traveling solo.

In the end, Dorie and I got into the cab with just one other woman. We had saw her earlier in the day and she had also lucked out on not being able to get a bus ticket. For convenience and to save the auntie the trouble - we felt bad for her - we offered to make up the difference on the unfilled seat. It was still a deal.

We rode through Chiayi. The outskirts of the city was nothing like its center. This is true for every city, but most of the time, you're able to pick out where things and end and things begin. Not so. After only about five minutes of looking through the backseat window, we were in complete wilderness. The cab sped down narrow country lanes surrounded by palm trees, tall grass, and rice fields alongside. Bamboo canes and cypress trees rose up alongside the edge of the road as it began to climb upwards.

It twisted and turned. Hairpin after hairpin. Dorie began to feel dizzy and feverish. I never took her to be the type of person to get carsick, she traveled much more than I had, from scaling Mt. Everest to driving over a hundred miles an hour along a dirt road in inner Mongolia, so it surprised me that I when feel the slight weight of her head touch down on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and held as the car swayed back and forth. Asked her if she was okay until she feel asleep.

The driver was talking in Taiwanese with the women in the front seat. He was telling her about how his brother, also a cab drive, had driven drunk before. But he never had. He was use to these roads. He could manage two beers and be alright. The conversation carried on. He spit chewing tobacco into a clear plastic cup next to the transmission. I wasn't worried at all when he turned his head away from the road to spit. He was use to these roads.

The cab came to a stop about halfway up. We were alone the entire way there. Besides a few vans, there were no other cars. Now, along this section, cars were lined up along the mountainside like it was 8:50 am in Los Angeles. But only across one lane. There were only two lanes total. One down coming the mountain and one went up.

Landslides happen all the time in Alishan. The mountains are steep. Though not as steep as the Sierra Nevadas, there is much more earth, heavy rain and typhoons. The last landslide took a sizable section of the road along with it. It even took out the train tracks and shut down the old fashioned rail that took people around the town and resorts. Crews worked night and day to get it back up, but it'd be a while before then. Even my dad mentioned it when we were at the airport talking about Teresa Tang and her song about Alishan.

Some people got out of their cars. It would be close to half an hour before they opened the road back up. Dorie was sleeping in my lap. I tried convincing her to take some Tylenols that I brought with me but she declined. "I'll be fine,"

"Big News!" Game Board

"Big News!" Game Board

As kids, my brothers, friends, and I would get together and create our own simplistic board games, such as "Hit it Big" about being in Hollywood ("Get Levar Burton's autograph!"), and "Invent the Polio Vaccine with Jonas Salk" (seriously).

I just found this game, that shows a peak into not just the Big News of the time, but also a look at the way a young teenager absorbs such news. The game was made circa 1994 or '95, so I would have been 13 years old.

I don't remember what the "Chance!" spaces mean, but I assume it had something to do with a die roll; the number after seems to be the number of spaces forward or back that you would move if you succeeded or failed. Also, the icons around the inside of the board had something to do with matching whatever player piece you chose.

Home watch news
Loraina throws knife! chance! 1 (referring to Lorena Bobbit)
Tanya throws a club! chance! 2 (Tonya Harding)
Hurricane Andrew! Dead
Trade Places any Player (There is something erased here that had to do with abuse: "Trapped in ... house! chance! 3". The erased icon is a string bikini.)
SFH—Smith Funeral Home (a local funeral home in Grinnell, IA)
Olympics tickets go to Olympics
Iowa flood! trapped! loose turn!
Fall asleep at steering wheel! Dead
O.J. gives you a plane ticket to L.A.! go to L.A.
Jackie Kennedy Onasis's Funeral—go to Smith Funeral Home (SFH)
2nd & First Time, keep going straight (so you go around the board 3 times before you finish the game.)
Watch News! re-roll
DEAD! go to start
Amy Fisher pulls gun! chance! 3
Befriend Tonya H. go to Olympics (Something else about Ms. Harding was erased here. Also, I spelled her first name right in this square.)
Watch riots on TV! ("ahead 1 space" was erased for some reason; apparently watching the news earlier gets you a re-roll, but if you watch the riots, you're too fixated to move anywhere.)
Take part in Riots! go to L.A. (Ah, apparently I decided it would look bad if everyone who watched the riots on TV headed out to take part in them, even though this was often the case at the time.)
avoid California Earthquakes! ahead 2 spaces
Pope comes to Iowa—go to Iowa
Fall in San Andreas Fault Dead!
Scott Buright pulls knife! Chance! a whoppin 5 spcs. (Maybe I was running out of ideas, or maybe it was big news to me, but Scott Buright was not a national headline. Rather, he was a kid in my school who one day pulled a knife on someone.)
In back of Dustin M. in lunch line! Dead (Again, Dustin Moore was a kid in my class who was big and smelly, so being down wind of him was popularly rumored to be deadly.)
encourage Mike Jordan to quit back 1 space (I was never a basketball fan, but who wasn't surprised when Michael Jordan said he was leaving the sport.)
Mike Tyson invites you in, say no! ahead 1 space (The hand icon here, representing abusive news, used to be a string bikini. Why? I had just watched a movie warning children about sexual abuse, and in it, a creepy old man wanted a young girl to wear a revealing bathing suit for him.)
In front of Dustin M. in lunch line! Chance! 3 (That poor kid never could catch a break.)
ahead 2 spaces
--- and now onto the center column, which you follow on your third trip around the wild world of news ---
Iowa State Fair! goto Iowa (Finally, some good news!)
Richard Nixon's Funeral—goto SFH (And you thought you were almost done with the game.)
Earn Rank! You win! (Ranks were earned simply by what order you finished the game: Ace Reporter, Clark Kent, Reporter for Hire, Dear Abby, Editor, and Proof Reader

Print it off and play it yourself!

asleep at the wheel tickets

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