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Grant Steering Wheel Adapter

grant steering wheel adapter

    steering wheel
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EL Quadra Adapter

EL Quadra Adapter

I thought I'd share this picture of my Quadra adapter, which somehow split over the weekend, half way through a shoot for a client.
The Quadra + adapter had my 40cm beauty dish attached, which were mounted to the arm of my (Avenger type) C-Stand arm. What seems to of happened is the tightening screw hasn't lined up properly with the thread on the inner metal tubing. The plastic tube housing, has a brass nut moulded into it for the screw to wind back into, it just hasn't lined up with the inner thread when I tightened it........and as a result, the casing for the brass nut has split open.
I only relized something was wrong when the axis of the beauty dish (which isn't heavy at all) kept creeping downward.

Just somthing to keep an eye out for if you have one of these adapters for your EL Quadra.
Turns out, the mounting assembly on the standard Quadra shares the same parts, so I guess I will just pinch a replacement from one of the other strobes I have.

M42 Lens Adapter for Canon EOS Cameras (Back)

M42 Lens Adapter for Canon EOS Cameras (Back)

Aluminum adapter ring to attach M42 thread lenses to Canon EOS bodies. I use this one to attach a Pentax SMC Takumar 50mm F1.4 lens and a Panagor 85-205mm F3.8 zoom lens to my Canon 30D DSLR. The adapter is the non-flanged version.

All features on the lenses are manually controlled since the old lenses don't have any electronics in them. Works great and cost less that $5.

Photo taken with a Canon G9 in a home-made light box.

grant steering wheel adapter

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