Harley wheels custom - Metal flake steering wheels - 14 inch atv wheels.

Harley Wheels Custom

harley wheels custom

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harley wheels custom - Chrome Round

Chrome Round 80 Spoke 18" X 8.5" Rear Wheel For Harley Wide Tire Custom Models

Chrome Round 80 Spoke 18" X 8.5" Rear Wheel For Harley Wide Tire Custom Models

Chrome Round 80 Spoke 18" X 8.5" Rear Wheel For Harley Wide Tire Custom Models ?Fits Harley Custom models with custom wide tire frames or swingarms. ?Chrome round 6/8 gauge 80 spoke 18" x 8.5" wide rear wheel. ?Stunning looks are only a wheel change away with these round spoke sets laced to a beautiful chrome rim and hub. ?Wheel has been laced and trued and includes all the necessary spacers and sealed bearings. ?Chrome steel rim. ?Chrome billet aluminum hub. ?Require the use of 2000-Up brake rotors and pulleys. ?Chrome valve stem. ?Silicone sealed for tubeless tires. ?This 18" x 8.5" wide wheel assembly will accept a 240 ,250 or 260 rear tire. ?Includes center spacers for both 3/4" and 1" inch axles. ?These are not Timkin bearing wheels, they are 2000-Up sealed wheel bearings. ?Also comes with three sealed wheel bearings, two on the drive side for extra support. ?Sold Each.

78% (12)

Custom Motorcycle Boots

Custom Motorcycle Boots

Custom motorcycle boots on display at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Tandem Wheels

Tandem Wheels

A uinque custom rear end for this Harley

harley wheels custom

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