Hot Wheels Play Mat

hot wheels play mat

    hot wheels
  • Hot Wheels is a brand of die cast toy car, introduced by American toymaker Mattel in 1968. It was the primary competitor of Matchbox until 1996, when Mattel acquired rights to the Matchbox brand from Tyco.

  • Hot Wheels is a thirty minute Saturday morning animated television series broadcast on ABC from 1969 to 1971, under the primary sponsorship of Mattel Toys.

  • Hot Wheels is a Hardy Boys novel.

  • a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage; "he wrote several plays but only one was produced on Broadway"

  • a theatrical performance of a drama; "the play lasted two hours"

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hot wheels play mat - Kaplan MAT

Kaplan MAT

Kaplan MAT

A prerequisite for entrance into many graduate or postgraduate programs in the arts and sciences is the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). With the fifth edition of Kaplan MAT, students preparing to take this challenging exam will have a competitive edge. A high MAT score can also be used to support an application for financial aid in a graduate or doctoral program. Through analogies with content from various academic subjects, the MAT is deigned to reflect a candidate’s knowledge and abilities by determining their analytical thinking abilities.
Kaplan MAT includes more than 700 sample analogies, plus Kaplan’s exclusive test-taking strategies to maximize students’ scores. This powerful combination makes this book a highly effective way to prepare for the MAT.
Kaplan MAT features:
Seven practice tests with detailed answer explanations
Review of the general knowledge tested on the MAT, including literature, history, vocabulary, mathematics, fine arts, and more
Strategies for answering different types of analogy questions

75% (11)

View on the way to Chattru, Himachal Pradesh, India - 19.06.09

View on the way to Chattru, Himachal Pradesh, India - 19.06.09

Shot with Canon EOS 5D
Lens: 100-400mm
Mode: Auto

Almost tumbled down the slope of Kumzum Top and got in the truck. The sky rumbled as the air smelled of rain. We speeded towards Chattru ignoring signs like “Speed Thrills but Kills”. Seated beside the driver, looked at the speedometer not much bothered by this reckless driving. The water splashed on the front glass as the wheels hit the puddles, the wipers working vigorously. The sky was getting spectacular by moments but looking at the dark clouds chasing us like a herd of mammoth, I thought better than asking for a shooting break.

The truck screeched in a sudden halt sounding like an animal in agony. There was a small boulder on the way; I seized the opportunity. Undid the seatbelt and snapped away at the peaks bathed in the last golden light.

Setting up the tents, they asked me to get comfortable in the ‘restaurant’ (which is a wild exaggeration of a shack).

It was dark inside with a tiny fluorescent light (power being generated from a small LPG cylinder) illuminating only the cash counter. Few guys sat chatting, the owner’s wife trying to rustle up a fire in a stove typically seen in these areas, a group of bikers Leh bound (taking a night halt) playing carom and a few more sipping their drink. Not a prop, which under different circumstances I would be seen in. Now it didn’t matter, was glad to be back among my own tribe! With the setting sun, the mercury dropped. My wet feet felt awfully numb yet cold. Instinctively I gravitated towards the fire. Minutes later peeled away the socks for fresher ones and put on the woolens. A simple task requiring the last vestige of energy, a strange urge making me want to fall asleep on my feet like a horse! What an incredibly long day it had been!

Being quite an introvert, I surprised myself by not getting uncomfortable or curt when an elderly gentleman struck up a conversation!

He sipped a pale yellow drink (being a teetotaler, not exactly familiar with the brews and their identification), while I Bournvita. His team was camping to carry out a raid mission in the area nearby where a dam was being constructed. The voice on his radio/wireless set, reported the political turbulence in my home state. A world so far that the incidents seemed occurring in outer space!

My tent was set; I glided inside the sleeping bag. Steady flicker of the candle casting a shadow of all my belongings on the red nylon walls.

It was raining outside; nothing I did would keep me warm. The cold from the ground seeped through the tent floor, double rubber mats, into the sleeping bag and slithered through my layered clothing like a viper. I wondered if hypothermia felt remotely like this?

Barely nibbled at the food but was extremely glad at the extra sleeping bag, hot water bottles and the cook’s clean folded jacket to be used as a pillow (chivalry was not dead yet).

Asimov lay next to me, but turning the pages was too much effort, I blew out the candle and promised myself never again. A luxurious spa holiday was more my kind of thing, this was outrages and dumb! Battling a nauseating fear of imaginary arachnoids crawling over me, fell into a deep slumber…

Chhatru, a small halt station at an altitude of 3 490 m / 11450ft. Here one can find 3-4 shanty shop cum restaurant. Some even provide very basic night stays.

Leh is at an altitude of 3505 m / 10500 ft, capital of Ladakh in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, India.

Day 53 Party!

Day 53 Party!

Today was a day filled with photo ops. Unfortunately, I didn't capture too many of them. Marissa invited us to Little Gym this afternoon for their member appreciation party. Maggie was completely overwhelmed when we first walked in, but quickly got over it and ran around the gym like the crazed toddler she is. She loved the balance beam, climbing on the mats, and just trying to keep up with Belize. (Reef was at home still napping.)

From there we headed over to the Ellis homestead for a swim and BBQ party with several of their friends with young children. There must have been over ten kids there under the age of five. It was crazy fun! Maggie headed upstairs to play with Belize and her friends in her room. She really liked the loft/tent bed, but wouldn't go down the slide.

Then everyone headed out to the pool. I couldn't convince Maggie to stick to the blow-up shark pool, so I had to park Carter in his seat by the fence and change into my suit. She had a good time counting (starting at five) and jumping off the step to me. Carter seemed to be having a good time just watching the fun, but after awhile decided he wanted to join us. One of the other moms kept an eye on Maggie so I could change him into his suit.

After swimming, I fed Carter on the patio because my suit was still wet. When I went inside, Maggie and most of the other kids were all sitting at the table eating hot dogs, mac and wheels, and fruit. Again, one of the other moms was helping Maggie with her food. I guess she ate all of her food and then started on her neighbor's plate!

Maggie wandered back outside and wanted to join the boys in the sandbox. Unfortunately she sat on an ant line and literally ended up with ants in her pants! We tried to brush them off, but realized they were all in her diaper cover, so we had to strip her down to get them all off. I panicked a little, but she started playing (naked) before I could get all the ants out of her clothes and put them back on.

By the time we got home, Maggie was asleep, but woke up crying when the water park down the road started their fireworks show. So we ended the day with a fireworks show and some of Daddy's Ben and Jerry's. What a great day!

hot wheels play mat

hot wheels play mat

Tiny Love Super Mat

The Tiny Love's Super Mat is an extra large, extra cushioned activity mat baby can share with a parent, sibling or friend. Indoors or outdoors, the all-purpose play area features a variety of textured materials, removable mirror and many activities for baby to explore and enjoy. The smiling faces encourage baby to look at them and smile back. Encourages development of baby's gross motor skills and senses. For Ages: Newborn and above.

The TINY LOVE Super Mat is a soft and colorful mat that's big enough to take along for play dates. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the Super Mat includes engaging textures and accessories for hours of fun and exploration for your baby. The mat is machine washable and folds to become a portable package, complete with handles.
callout box top
Super Mat
At a Glance:

Age/Weight Requirements:
0 months+

callout box bottom


The mat is easy to fold and features convenient, durable carry handles.
View larger.

Includes engaging animal characters and patterns for hours of fun and exploration. View larger.

TINY LOVE 7 Elements

View detailed image.
Colorful Mat for Indoor and Outdoor Use
The soft, cushioned Super Mat features bright squares with engaging animal characters and patterns. At 59 inches wide and 39 inches long, the mat is big enough for sharing, whether it's you and your baby or a play date with a group of little ones.
The mat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can feel comfortable bringing it to a friend's house or to the park or beach. Plus, it's machine washable.
Engaging Accessories for Fun and Learning
For different developmental stages, the Super Mat includes several accessories to engage your baby. A detachable mirror can be placed flat on the mat or tilted up to encourage babies to look at themselves during tummy time. The blue, foot-shaped teething ring is ideal for little ones to nibble and gum while their teeth develop.
The brightly-colored squares offer different textures and flaps for your baby to explore, including peek-a-boo activities that keep your baby stimulated while teaching object permanence.
Quick-Fold, Portable Design
The mat is easy to fold and features convenient, durable carry handles. Once folded, the Super Mat is easy to tote around, so whether you're going to the park or going on a trip, you can easily carry the mat along to soothe your baby with a familiar item.
About TINY LOVE: Quality Developmental Products
Trusted by parents worldwide, TINY LOVE creates toys and products for babies by pairing the latest breakthroughs in child development with quality materials and design. Each product is crafted after consultation with child development experts, quality assurance specialists, and parents. TINY LOVE is passionate about providing parents and caregivers with resources to better a child's early development. For example, the TINY LOVE Developmental Center, a virtual space to share knowledge about child development. TINY LOVE's 7 Elements System categorizes the specific facets of a baby's development that is at the heart of each TINY LOVE product.
Committed to excellence, all of TINY LOVE's products meet the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and the European EN-71 (CE) standards.
What's in the Box
Tiny Love Super Mat


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